Online Merchant Cash Advance For Bad Credit

A merchant cash advance or merchant capital can help small business owners get cash they need in a matter of minutes or hours.  Merchant cash advance is nothing else but a payday loan for businesses. Technically, it’s not a loan but a type of funding in exchange for a percentage of a business’s future credit card sales. For this reason the business owner receives a lump sum that can be used for paying outstanding invoices or current expenditures, and the repayment is made directly into merchant cash advance lender from credit card / debit card sales. The amount of repayment depends on the amount of credit card sales. It is never a fixed amount. On slow days the payments are smaller, on busier days the payment are larger. This is convenient and beneficial both for business owners and creditors.
Merchants can get an advanced that ranges from just a couple of thousands to over $250,000.

Bad credit may be not an issue

Merchant cash advance lenders look at the gross income coming from credit card sales rather than the credit history of business owners. Payments are automatic, so there is no fear that they won’t be made. This is why bad credit is not an obstacle in obtaining merchant capital. Of course, some lenders may reject your application based on your credit score

No collateral required

When applying for a merchant capital advance, business owners will not be asked for collateral. The future credit card sales are the best collateral for a lender.

Online Processing

A merchant advance can be applied for online. Lenders in our network process application form instantly and get back to business owners on the same day.